BEST Pattaya Beachfront Condos with FULL Ocean Views

I’ve combed through hundreds of listings to find you 3 units at 3 luxury beachfront condos in Pattaya that give you an uncompromising ocean view from your balcony.

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0:00 Introduction

0:43 One Bedroom at the Palm Wongamat

2:07 Two Bedroom at Wongamat Tower

3:30 Three Bedroom at Northpoint Pattaya

If you’re gonna live in Pattaya, make sure you do it the right way, if you can afford it. And that means getting a unit with a full ocean view in a condo that allows you to walk right onto the sand. Don’t move to a beach city and have your view be another building, or settle for a partial view that misses the entire sunset!

In this video, I’ve combed through hundreds of listings to find you 3 rooms at 3 beachfront condos that give you an uncompromising view of the ocean sunset.

The first property is a 53 SqM 1 bedroom high up on the 23rd floor of the Palm Wongamat. The luxury beachfront condo was completed in 2015 and is a 10 minute drive to the main Beach Road. You get a full on ocean view both from the balcony, and from the comfort of your bed. You’ve got decent kitchen space, dining area, and living room space with that balcony and it comes with a functional bathroom with a shower. The owner wants ฿35,000 baht per month for this place, which is around 1,160usd.

Let’s now have a look at the building itself. The pool area and clubhouse are cute but look a bit too much like a water park in my opinion, while the gym is totally lacking of any serious workout equipment. Overall, it’s cute, it’s functional, it accomplishes the mission of giving you a beachfront unit with a full ocean view.

Next we head over to a building next door where the owner is selling a 93sqm 2 bedroom on the 9th floor of Wongamat Tower which was completed in 2014. Here, you can lounge away on your love seat or bedroom and gaze westward at เกาะล้าน in the distance. Your guest won’t be as spoiled though, as they only get a sliver of a view and will have to resort to their hungover imagination. You got a living room with plenty of natural light that just screams house party, with barstools, a TV and coach, and a dining table I expect will crown many beer pong champions. The place is on sale for 11 million baht or around 366,000 dollars.

The condo itself, also a 10 minute drive to the main Beach Road and also beachfront, is in my opinion a bit more classy with its design and infinity pool, while the gym gives you a bit more functional equipment and has a gorgeous view of the sanctuary of truth. Although I wish the pool was longer for a better swimming experience.

Thirdly, we head to a 3 bedroom right on beach road that offers a gigantic balcony extending from the living room to the master bedroom. Even the 2 other bedrooms have a balcony that gives you a partial view of the beach. Even the entrance hallway gives you a view of the ocean. The owner even put a bench there in case a guest was so awestruck by that sunset, they just had to sit down. To the left is a full on pantry that extends into another balcony. This place is going for 26.5 million baht or around 883,000 US. If you wanna rent instead, there’s another unit that wants 85,000baht a month or 2800 bucks.

Northshore Pattaya was completed in 2006 and was developed by Raimon Land, a developer that I consistently give positive reviews to. The condo is technically NOT right on the beach but if you seriously can’t walk 100 meters down the roadIt’s got a full on pool that you can actually do laps in and a gym that inspires you to…seek out a gym elsewhere.

So there you have it. 3 luxury beachfront condos with ocean view balconies. I’ve linked to all 3 in the description of this video and if you’d like to chat with me personally on buying or renting a condo, shoot me a message through the channels I’ve provided in the description. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one.


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