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Sacramento home brew will be bringing you videos with the latest news and techniques to help you master how to home brew beer and wine. Sacramento home brew is dedicated to helping you learn how to home brew with only the finest ingredients and equipment.

Oktoberfest 2012 – Sacramento Home Brew – Ok, so we skipped 2011, sorry, but the Brewmeister Oktoberfest is back this year! We will be hosting a party at The Roseville location (sorry Folsom, more room in Roseville!) on October 20th during business hours,as well as a brewing contest.

We will have some home made german beers pouring (Oktoberfest, Helles Bock, Pilsner and maybe some others), some german food, raffle and oktoberfest music playing. We encourage others to bring their beers as well (regardless of style). This is always a great time not to be missed. There is no cost to attend, the celebration is a way for the Brewmeister staff to say thanks to all our great customers.

The year, the brewing contest will feature two german beer styles: Munich Helles and Traditonal Bock

Entries are due by Friday, October 12th, 2 -12 oz bottles, $5 per entry. Drop off at either store. All entries will be judged by bjcp certified folks and you will receive scoring and feedback sheets. For you newer brewers, this is a great way to get feedback on your beers and brewing process, its not just about winning! Don’t tell that to Charlie Sheen! Time to get brewing. The number and type of prizes will depend upon the number of entries, but you can expect a $100 gift certificate for at least the best overall.

Did you know that Sacramento home brew offers an array of onsite brewing and wine making courses at both the Roseville and Folsom locations. In addition, we also offer custom, off site, brewing experiences. Custom offerings include offsite, tailored brewing events of varying batch size in which the participants are able to participate in the process and keep what is made. Some examples of custom events include:

Bachelor Parties
Custom Batchs for Special Events (like Weddings or Anniversaries)
Corporate/Team Building

We can offer full service small batch brewing guidance for events, from brewing to dispensing to custom labeling. All we need is a flat space and access to water!

The Brewmeister offers a wide array of wine making equipment and supplies and is simply the best Sacramento home brew supply store!. We carry many different yeast strains, fermenters and storage vessels of different types and sizes and acids, sulfites and other chemicals. During harvest season, we rent crusher stemmers and presses. We will also special order larger equipment each year in April.
The Brewmeister, THE place for Sacramento home brew supplies!

We tend to think of “malt” as a thing. Of course there is the candy malt and there is the old fashioned “malted” that was the stable of 1950s “malt shops” which in our mind is more like a modern day milk shake. But when it comes to beer, just about anyone, even people who are not involved in home brewing can list the ingredients as hops, malt, and grains. So as part of our quest to become more familiar with all of the aspects of beer making, it’s a good idea to explore more deeply what exactly the malt in beer is all about.

We believe at sacramento home brew that ou can settle on the extract method for a long time or perhaps use it exclusively for your brewing career and get great beers with it every time. But if you want a greater challenge and the possibility for even more unique beers as a result, you can explore the Mini-Mash method and the Full Mash Brew styles of home brewing. Each is more complex and takes longer to finish the brewing process. But they also give you a lot of flexibility and even more ability to make your own beer unique and distinctive.

The hobby of brewing your own beer at home is growing steadily as more people discover how much fun they can have making their beer at home and how great absolutely fresh beer can be. There may be no more gratifying moment for a home brewer than to serve your own fresh beer to your guests iced down in your favorite beer mugs and hear the rave that your beer is as good as the store bought beer they like best or maybe even better! Call us at Sacramento home brew.


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